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Trucking Collisions

At Turner & Sackett, we are privileged to have represented individuals and families throughout Illinois in Trucking collision claims. Trucking Collision cases can be complicated as accidents can produce lawsuits filed by multiple parties. While a truck driver or commercial trucking company may be responsible for a victim’s injuries, these cases can be impacted by both federal and state trucking laws.

After you or someone you love is injured in a collision, regaining your health and getting your life “back to normal” can be difficult. Trucking companies and other drivers will make certain their interests are represented, so when it comes to collision cases, an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential to protecting your rights and recovering damages from the liable parties.

Those injured in trucking accidents generally have two years under Illinois law to assert a claim, and the statute of limitations begins on the day your injury occurs. If you’ve been injured, don’t delay taking action.

At Turner & Sackett, we allow you to concentrate on rehabilitation while we deal with insurance company representatives and handle the legal aspects of your case. Our professional team will take immediate action to document vital details and preserve evidence.

We always treat your interests as paramount, and dedicate ourselves to obtaining substantial settlements. If necessary, our attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial to recoup losses for medical expenses, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and loss of ability to enjoy life or livelihood.

If you have been involved in a trucking collision accident caused by carelessness or an act of negligence, call 1 (866) TURN-LAW to speak directly with an attorney, or contact us.