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Civil Lawsuit Filings are Dropping

Insurance companies and front groups funded by big corporations have been manufacturing mythical "lawsuit crises" to justify their pressure on state and federal government to restrict the right of injured parties in our country to obtain justice. In fact, the numbers show that there is simply no truth to the ... read more

Medicare Safety Rules for Nursing Homes Rolled Back in Trump Administration

Quietly, and with little notice, the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has, under the new Trump administration, put the brakes on enforcement regulations enacted in the Obama administration which were put into place to insure resident safety in the country's nursing home industry. Nursing homes now will no longer ... read more

The Latest on Workers’ Compensation and Business in Illinois

Recent reports reveal that workers' compensation costs are sharply falling and the business climate continues to improve. From the evidence below, it is clear the 2011 changes to the workers’ compensation laws in Illinois are dramatically lowering worker compensation payouts to injured workers. The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI ... read more

The Changing Law School Frontier

The opening line from a 2011 Economist article stands a strong reminder of the gloom for perspective lawyers and the legal profession: “The legal business has undergone not only recession but also structural change. Ever-growing profits are no longer guaranteed. Nor, for some firms, is survival.” From that rather cataclysmic prediction, the ... read more

A Shift in Arbitration

Last year we wrote about the cost of hidden arbitration laws , clauses often written into contracts that prevent parties from collectively filing suit or taking legal action in court. In a recent decision seemingly meant to curb the effects of arbitration abuse, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the ... read more

ALEC and Workers’ Compensation

In an election cycle, we all get caught up in the latest headline of who said what. Sometimes the process seems more like a celebrity gossip scene and less like political discourse, and it’s easy to forget that aside from the presidential election, senators, congressmen and other outside organizations are ... read more

Ripples Felt Everywhere

In the wake of the state budget battle, ripples have now moved from the Illinois Statehouse. Unable to pass a state budget for 10 months, Gov. Rauner and the Illinois House, have sent ripples throughout the state. Illinois Universities, which rely on partial state funding, have recently made difficult decisions about ... read more

New Partner, Same Legacy: Turner & Sackett Law Offices

For close to three decades, we’ve worked to earn the trust of all our clients and to develop a strong reputation throughout the Northern Illinois region by providing sound, ethical legal representation in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death cases. When I first graduated from law school, we were just ... read more