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A Shift in Arbitration

Last year we wrote about the cost of hidden arbitration laws , clauses often written into contracts that prevent parties from collectively filing suit or taking legal action in court. In a recent decision seemingly meant to curb the effects of arbitration abuse, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and the ... read more

ALEC and Workers’ Compensation

In an election cycle, we all get caught up in the latest headline of who said what. Sometimes the process seems more like a celebrity gossip scene and less like political discourse, and it’s easy to forget that aside from the presidential election, senators, congressmen and other outside organizations are ... read more

Ripples Felt Everywhere

In the wake of the state budget battle, ripples have now moved from the Illinois Statehouse. Unable to pass a state budget for 10 months, Gov. Rauner and the Illinois House, have sent ripples throughout the state. Illinois Universities, which rely on partial state funding, have recently made difficult decisions about ... read more

New Partner, Same Legacy: Turner & Sackett Law Offices

For close to three decades, we’ve worked to earn the trust of all our clients and to develop a strong reputation throughout the Northern Illinois region by providing sound, ethical legal representation in personal injury, workers’ compensation, and wrongful death cases. When I first graduated from law school, we were just ... read more

Media Cameras in the Courtroom Policy Made Permanent

On February 22, the Illinois Supreme Court announced that it has solidified a policy that allows cameras in Illinois courtrooms. This is a great step in making the judicial system more accessible, but currently circuit courts are allowed to not participate in the program. The courtroom media coverage policy should ... read more

It’s Past Time for Gov. Rauner to Govern

Governor With No Budget Takes Aim at Injured Workers and the Casualties of Corporate Negligence  It’s Past Time for Gov. Rauner to Govern: Cutting Benefits for Workers Injured on the Job and Compensation for People Harmed by Corporate Wrongdoing Won’t Bring Business or Revenue to Illinois  Statement from Illinois Trial Lawyers President ... read more

Is There Really a Lawsuit Crisis?

In the argument to reform tort law, proponents of change often use the word “reform” as an allusion to positive results. Along with this “reform” comes the argument that change in tort law is necessary because there is an “epidemic” of lawsuits which bogs down the legal system, costs too ... read more

Who Really Gets Held Responsible

Back in September, a large corporation gave a rather large sum of money as payment to the government for “concealing a deadly ignition switch from regulators” (USA Today). General Motors agreed to pay $900 million dollars, estimated to be near one-third of the company’s 2014 earnings, and while that amount may ... read more

Support the Goodfellows!

It may still be a little early, but the holiday season is rapidly approaching. In about two weeks we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, and then it’s a mad dash to the end of December, then New-Year’s Eve, and finally we can all relax in January with all those new resolutions we ... read more