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The Importance of Getting Help Early

In our office, in the initial conference, we frequently hear our new clients tell us that they "really did not want to get a lawyer involved" early in their injury case, whether a workplace injury or a personal injury as the result of a motor vehicle collision or fall or ... read more

A Reminder to Review Your Insurance Coverage

In the past, we have reminded you of the importance of doing a "check-up" on your insurance coverage to make sure you are sufficiently covered, either if you or someone covered by your policy (family member or friend) inadvertently causes injury to others, or someone else causes harm to you ... read more

Worker’s Compensation 101

Recently our associate, Margie Komes, published an article in a local periodical to help explain to the general public some of the basic principals of worker's compensation claims in Illinois. Margie had extensive experience managing a large worker's compensation practice in the suburbs prior to attending law school, and fortunately ... read more

With Spring in the Air, Two Wheel Travelers Take Care

Although it does not seem like it here in mid April in Northern Illinois with temps in the 30s and snow traces on the ground, it is Spring. That means that folks will be out on two wheels on the streets and roads, both motorized and self-propelled. That means drivers ... read more

Falls on Snow and Ice are Troublesome

At this time of year we are frequently contacted by folks who have had the misfortune to have fallen on ice or snow and suffered injury.  These falls can occur on steps, sidewalks, in parking lots or driveways, or in other public areas.  Sometimes the property owner, in a residential ... read more

Worker’s Compensation Insurers Continue to Pocket the Profits

Since the 2011 amendments to the Illinois Worker's Compensation Act, and the accompanying decline in claims expenses following the amendments, the insurance industry has recorded record profits, but rather than passing on the savings to the employers in terms of reduced premiums, the insurance companies have pocketed the profits for ... read more

Worker’s Compensation 101

Our associate, Margie Putzler, recently put together an article for a local monthly magazine in which she very succinctly spells out some basics with respect to worker's compensation in Illinois.  We are pleased to share  it below.  But please keep in mind that this is not meant to be taken ... read more

Civil Lawsuit Filings are Dropping

Insurance companies and front groups funded by big corporations have been manufacturing mythical "lawsuit crises" to justify their pressure on state and federal government to restrict the right of injured parties in our country to obtain justice. In fact, the numbers show that there is simply no truth to the ... read more